Street art in Melbourne


“We recognise and celebrate street art as an important part of our vibrant urban culture.” City of Melbourne


Enjoy a city where self-expression is allowed through art that shows itself in the streets and not only in places devoted to it. It is very important to me that my city speaks to me and that I can feel a connection to the other residents or to the people who pass by at time. Living in Berlin, I feel Melbourne very near my idea of a city where freedom of opinion is put in the first place.

WHERE: Melbourne, find here some of the biggest streetart locations


Fitzroy District
australia-melbourne-fitzroy-streetartaustralia-melbourne-fitzroy-streetart1 australia-melbourne-fitzroy-streetart2


Blender Streetaustralia-melbourne-city-centre-blender-lane-streetart3


australia-melbourne-city-centre-blender-lane-streetart4 australia-melbourne-city-centre-blender-lane-streetart6 australia-melbourne-city-centre-blender-lane-streetart7


Queen Street


Hosier Lane
australia-melbourne-city-centre-streetart-hosier-lane1australia-melbourne-city-centre-streetart-hosier-lane4 australia-melbourne-city-centre-streetart-hosier-lane6 australia-melbourne-city-centre-streetart-hosier-lane8 australia-melbourne-city-centre-streetart-hosier-lane11

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