The Fishermen village of Marzamemi

italy-sicilia-marzamemi2Imagine you get up one morning and with the eyelids still half closed you open the blinds. The second after a great light and the smell of olive trees fills the room.
This was the time I slept in a beautiful mansion, B&B L’uliveto (web) in the middle of olive trees, between Pachino and Marzamemi.
Already feeling in a dream I arrived in the most well-preserved fishermen village, where there is a great tradition of fishing and processing tuna. Here the stone low-roof houses are in use for restaurants, bars or shops of fishery products. But in the early morning it looks like a village lost in time, it could be the set of a movie waiting for the actors to record a scene.
Just in the late afternoon, when all tourists are back from the seaside the village becomes alive, almost too crowded.

WHERE: Marzamemi, Sicily, Italy
WHEN: August

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